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Expo’70 Commemorative Park

The Expo’70 Commemorative Park was built on the site of the Japan World Exposition 1970.

The Expo’70 Commemorative Park is about 260 Hectares. In the huge park, there are a part of facilities of the Expo’70, such as the Japanese Garden and the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, Osaka. Parking lots at that time were converted into sporting facilities and recreation spots. The site of theme pavilions is forests and seasonal flower gardens now. The park is known as a cultural park embracing natural environment. You can relax in the park. The park has five areas; the Japanese Garden, the Natural and Cultural Gardens, cultural institution area, sports and recreation area, and parking area.

Area map

Area map


A variety of flowers bloom seasonally in the Expo’70 Commemorative Park. For example, plums blossoms in February and cherry blossoms in April are beautiful. You can enjoy watching them all through the year. The Natural and Cultural Gardens has green forests and large grass fields. You will feel relaxed in the natural environment.

Primary flowers

Various Facilities

The park has various cultural facilities. You can learn about Japanese and foreign cultures. The Japanese Garden was a Japanese government exhibit of the Expo ’70. The garden was built with the best Japanese landscaping techniques. The Japan Folk Crafts Museum, Osaka is a museum where you can enjoy watching beautiful and useful artifacts. The Japanese and foreign ceramic wares and dyed fabrics are displayed in the museum. The beauty of the artifacts has been developed in the daily life. In the National Museum of Ethnology, there are many exhibit sections such as Oceania, America, Europe, Africa and Asia. You can find a huge variety of living tools in the world. Some exhibits are classified into categories such as music and language. You can see Osaka Expo documents in the EXPO’70 Pavilion.

The Osaka Expo ’70 Stadium and other sports facilities are located in the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park. There are also hot springs and hotels where you can spend your time relaxing. 



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