Tower of the sun

The Tower of the Sun at the present moment

The Tower of the Sun is the symbol of the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park. The tower is located in the center of the park. It is about 65 meters high and each of its arms is about 25 meters long. The tower has three faces; the “Golden Mask” is on the top, the “Face of the Sun” is on the front and the “Black Sun” on the back .The Tower of the Sun is steel framed and reinforced concrete tower. Concrete is sprayed on the surface, as a lightweight solution. The tower is hollow, and there used to be an exhibition space of the Expo ’70. Today, it is not open to the public. The Golden Mask is a round steel plate, which is about 11 meters in diameter and covered with gold-colored films. The Face of the Sun is a round fiberglass-reinforced plastic plate, which is about 12 meters in diameter and coated with sprayed concrete. The Black Sun is a mosaic which is made with pieces of “Shigaraki-yaki” ware ceramic plates on the back of the tower. The Black Sun is about eight meters in diameter. The red lightning on the front and the green coronas on the back are made with Italian glass mosaic tiles.

Tower of the sun

The Tower of the Sun during the Japan World Exposition 197

The Tower of the Sun was built as a part of the theme pavilion. The pavilion consisted of three levels; the “Ground Level”, the “Basement Level” and the “Mid-Air Level”. Visitors most strongly felt the theme of the Expo’70, “Progress and Harmony for Mankind” there. The Tower of the Sun, which was the center of the theme pavilion, represented the infinite development of humankind and the power of life.
On the Basement Level, which was below the “Plaza of Harmony”, visitors were able to have experiences of the chaotic primitive world. The primitive world was a basic part of the progress and the harmony. Exhibits were displayed under the theme “Mystery of Life”.
On the Ground Level, exhibits showed a diversity, magnificence and dignities of the humans’ lifestyle under the theme “Energy of Modern Man”.
On the Mid-Air Level, which is in the “Grand Roof”, the future cities’ models were displayed under the theme “Space of Future”. Each of them was based on the respect of human dignity. After going through the inside of the Tower of the Sun, visitors enjoyed watching the models on the way to the Mid-air Level.
There was the “Tree of Life” inside of the Tower of the Sun. The steel tree was about 41 meters high, and 292 creatures’ models were displayed on the branches. Visitors enjoyed watching various kinds and sizes of creatures including amebas, dinosaurs and humankinds. The tree showed the process of the evolution of the life on the earth. Although the Basement Level was buried and the Grand Roof was removed after the Expo ’70, the Tower of the Sun remains in the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park as a symbol of the Expo ‘70.

Theme Pavilion



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